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Augmenting the Analysis of Fast-moving Topics with Machine Learning

By June 30, 2022March 22nd, 2024No Comments

Discover the power of machine-driven analysis

Human analysis of textual content can be augmented by machine learning models to accomplish tasks far beyond what is usually possible.

In our latest e-book, AMPLYFI’s Head of Research explores how machine analysis can be leveraged to quickly build a representative picture of an unfamiliar topic. With an example study into the topic of blockchain, the e-book explores research from a document library that would take a human analyst over 1 year of non-stop reading, with AMPLYFI’s analysis platform doing so almost instantaneously. The analysis uncovers deep insights into the blockchain landscape, applications, key organisations and discussions.

“I have been able to draw insight from the combined wisdom of 20,000 documents that I have never read and produce deep insight into the uses of blockchain technology”

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