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AMPLYFI’s Machine Analysis Capabilities

By March 4, 2022 No Comments

Estimates say there are over 1.2 billion sites on the surface web alone, with each one of these representing trillions of individual pieces of content. This number is growing every day, with approximately 4 million new blog posts published daily. Even one individual news agency such as The Associated Press publishes a mammoth 1,200 articles each day. There is such a sheer amount of information available on the web that no organisation can cover the totality of it using traditional methods, let alone generate value from it – especially at the speed at which it is growing.

New technologies such as AMPLYFI’s AI-driven analysis platform, DeepInsight, are helping to bridge this gap. Unlocking the power of the deep web, our tool delivers unique insights by connecting structured and unstructured data at scale to uncover previously hidden links, trends and opportunities. This is made possible through our machine analysis pipeline – capable of processing over 200,000 documents per day. In context, if a human takes 2 minutes to analyse a document, each machine day is equivalent to 3.8 human analysis years – at a fraction of the cost of even the lowest priced offshore resource. If your team is struggling to extract value from the ocean of available information, machine analysis is the answer. 



3.8 years

Human Analyst Time

2 minutes

AMPLYFI Machine Reading Time

AMPLYFI’s machine capabilities provide access to a general library of news content analysis, delivering a fast, high-level view of new subjects and interest areas. The tool identifies entities, such as people, places and organisations, or topics clustered around a specific topic. It then highlights the dynamic connections between these entities and topics, indicating the sentiment around them with a granularity that exceeds human capacity. 

Our powerful entity recognition can highlight:

  • Topic / Entity Strength – how strongly related an entity is with a topic.
  • Sentiment – the feelings associated when topics and entities connect.
  • Interconnectedness – the degrees of separation between Topics and Entities.

Our tools help organisations connect with Deep Information—which is trapped in silos, hidden by search boxes and limited by paywalls—and generate clear, market-changing insights from it. This is all done at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods, without the need to allocate expert teams, subject matter experts or spend extended periods of time on intense reading and analysis. 

See the impact our platform can have in action, whatever your area of interest: