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New Product Feature: Enhance Your Analysis With Content Flexible to Your Needs

By March 4, 2022 No Comments

Find the signals that matter to your team. Build libraries of millions of documents, unique to your organisation, using Machine Analysis.

Content that is more specific to your needs allows for more in-depth analysis.  In recognising this, AMPLYFI’s platform now lets you add specific content on any topic you’d like to analyse. The bespoke content libraries pair our powerful Machine Learning capabilities with information that is relevant to you, delivering the highest-quality analysis and market foresight, no matter how niche your area of interest is. Meaning you can have millions of documents, relevant to a subject matter of interest and unique to your business model, at your fingertips. 

There is an ocean of information available on the internet. On the surface web —the slither of the internet that search engines connect to— there is an estimated 1.2 billion webpages. This really is just the tip of the iceberg. Delve deeper and you’ll find the Deep Web, some 400–500 times larger and containing a wealth of untapped information. There is such a sheer amount of information available on the web that no organisation can cover the totality of it using traditional methods, let alone generate value from it – especially at the monumental speed at which data is growing.

Insights from high-quality and relevant data are vital for decision making, helping companies to gain business foresight, understand relevant industry developments and map potential disruptions and opportunities. In a data-driven world, those organisations that utilise data are 23 times more likely to acquire customers.  AMPLYFI is helping companies to make sense of the ocean of information on the internet and generate market-changing insights from it. 

At AMPLYFI, we’ve recognised that the more specific and unique the dataset, the more specific and unique the insights will be to what is important for your organisation. Flexible to your content needs, our new feature is the perfect pairing of AMPLYFI’s next-generation analysis capabilities with content curated to be relevant to your area of interest, providing a layer of business-driving insights on a unique dataset no-one else has. 

Whatever your area of interest—from emerging technologies to carbon capture, pharmaceutical innovation to climate mitigation—automated insights are useful for not only search or discovery but also identifying trends, forecasting developments and monitoring. 

This feature is now available to both existing and new customers, simply get in touch with our team to start discovering what our analysis can do for you.