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AMPLYFI’s Global Carbon Neutrality Index

By May 19, 2021September 6th, 2023No Comments

Discover a machine-driven index to benchmark performance on achieving Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality Index Cover

In the index, you will discover:

  • An unbiased, machine-driven measurement for company involvement in carbon neutrality.
  • Analysis into trends surrounding global carbon neutrality over the past decade, including the effect of COVID-19.
  • The top-performing companies against carbon neutrality goals in sectors of energy, aerospace, aviation and automotive.
  • Analysis into the frontrunner company rankings and landscapes for the different sectors and carbon neutrality.
  • Insight into the technology behind the index.

Who the index is for:

  • Investors and asset managers, providing a new metric that, when used alongside traditional ESG data, enables triangulation of the performance of a company for a more complete and accurate picture.
  • Companies looking to benchmark their performance against their peers.
  • Analysts to compare performance across sectors and against a central global index.

How the index is created:

  • AMPLYFI’s AI-driven insights platform uses unsupervised machine learning to mine and analyse vast quantities of open-source unstructured content held across the internet.
  • To create the index, we have analysed content directly relating to topics surrounding the global net zero carbon discourse and quantifies the relative strength of organisational associations to the global dialogue of reaching net zero carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

About the index

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our planet and, whether an individual, commercial enterprise, institution, or government, we all share a collective responsibility to first reduce and ultimately neutralise our greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers are increasingly looking to purchase sustainable goods, and, as a consequence, companies globally are increasingly making very public commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Tackling climate change is very much a mainstay of the broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance metrics that are increasingly informing investment strategies. Monitoring ESG performance has become central to assessing the operations of a business, bringing a sharp focus to its corporate culture as well as the environmental and social impact of its activities.

Whilst ESG ratings have become increasingly influential, they face limitations. Data is often unverified and dependent on a company’s own self-assessment which may be subjective or potentially incorrect. To help offset the limitations of this traditional data, our Global Carbon Neutral Index delivers a new, unbiased, and statistically quantified performance metric for benchmarking an organisation’s performance on achieving Carbon Neutrality. 

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