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Guide to Impactful Technology Intelligence

By March 9, 2021September 6th, 2023No Comments

20 Pages of Expert Insights, Tools & Processes

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In this guide, you will discover:

  • How technology horizon intelligence supports innovation
  • Why it is a vital process for organisations
  • What the best process is for technology intelligence
  • Templates for collecting insights
  • Guide to the technology intelligence process
  • Hints and tips for workshop facilitation
  • How to deliver insights with impact to decision-makers
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Technology intelligence is vital for organisations that want to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. This guide provides clear processes to convert diligent technology intelligence into impactful decision making.

Lucy Young - Technology Intelligence Expert

Who the guide is for:

  • Intelligence teams within organisations.
  • Companies in which technology has a significant role.
  • Teams looking to stay informed on new technologies and efficiently deliver findings to decision-makers.
  • Anyone interested in best practise for gathering technological information to review their current intelligence activities.

Written by AMPLYFI’s technology intelligence expert, Lucy Young:

Lucy has spent years helping global organisations to develop future-looking strategies that take advantage of developing technologies across the life sciences, FMCG, government and automotive sectors. Currently she works with AMPLYFI’s customers to integrate the latest technology into their technology-intelligence processes.

What is technology intelligence?

Technology intelligence is more important now than ever before. The modern world’s speed of communication and access to information creates a strong foundation for the rapid and accelerating development and adoption of technologies. Technology can make or break a company or even an entire industry and, without looking at the wider world, companies can be blindsided by change coming from other sectors. The aim of technology intelligence is to identify how and when technologies could impact on your business.