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Backing the next generation of AI talent

By March 3, 2020 April 21st, 2020 No Comments

How AMPLYFI is working with higher education students to strengthen the AI community.

AMPLYFI is committed to helping to bridge the talent gap in the technology industry, encouraging the next generation of AI talent to pursue careers in the field. As discussed in the previous blog, ‘Engaging future generations in tech’, AMPLYFI is involved at every level of education, spanning from secondary school students all the way through to supporting Masters and PhD level students.

On Wednesday 26th February, AMPLYFI’s co-founder Ian Jones attended the Industrial Masters for Artificial Intelligence (IMAI) programme’s roundtable event, of which AMPLYFI are participating alongside other industry-leaders in the field of AI. The programme aims to help bridge the digital skills gap in the UK and boost the quality postgraduates joining the AI workforce, with higher education institutions across the UK collaborating with companies to produce postgraduates with the skills that the industry really needs.

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