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Engaging future generations in tech

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AMPLYFI’s work with young people to aim to close the tech talent gap

Enabling the education of children of all ages on the possibilities for them in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) industries is something that AMPLYFI is greatly invested in. The current technology industry, and more generally STEM subjects, exhibit a major talent gap, and as the industry’s rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down, neither does the demand for a skilled workforce. There is a shortage of people with vital tech skills such as coding, as well as an opening for the creation of new roles within tech companies such as those on the project and business sides. We want to change general perceptions towards these industries, and engage the next generation of tech talent to consider all the many possibilities of STEM subjects for future careers.

Over the past week, AMPLYFI has been involved with schemes engaging with students of different ages to show them the many possibilities of a career in tech, aiming to close the talent gap in tech to make the industry more inclusive and accessible.

On Tuesday 11th February, Joe Matthews (EVP Product Engineering at AMPLYFI) helped to run an event at Llanishen High School, in which companies AMPLYFIDevOps GroupdoopollInspireTecNatWest and FinTech Wales came together to talk to students across years 7–13 about tech. The day aimed to make tech more attractive and relevant to pupils as a viable option for their studies and possible careers, showing them the many different possibilities of a career in tech. The students were asked to start thinking about creating rather than consuming in regards to technology, as well as to consider how tech positively impacts across sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, legal and many others.

As shown in the graphs below, with data from polls conducted by doopoll, the pupils perceptions of working in tech changed over the course of the day, with a higher percentage of respondents saying their perception was that it was ‘exciting’ and ‘social’ after the day of talks. Feedback collected from students afterwards showed a 100% consensus that the event was worthwhile, successfully demonstrating to students a different perspective on the tech industry, routes in, and qualifications required, with all students interviewed saying that it had inspired them to consider a career in technology that they had not previously done. It also showed that students are becoming aware of the range of careers related to technology, with a number expressing a real interest in how tech can support the art and graphics design industries for example.

When asked ‘What would you want from a career in tech?’ Answers included:

“To change the world for better”, “I want a career where I can see the smile of appreciation from people who’ve used something I’ve helped create”, “To improve the world and help bring back wildlife”, “A chance to express myself”, “To create a cure for cancer”, “To have fun”, “The ability to help others through my work and creations” and “I would like to make a difference”.

Girls into STEM

Following Women in Science day on 11th February, we welcomed two groups of female KS3 students to our offices the next day as part of the Engineering Education Scheme for Wales’ ‘Girls into STEM’ project. The project aims to encourage girls to take an active interest in STEM subjects, especially prior to their GCSE choices. Schemes such as this help to open up STEM industries and encourage more students to consider careers in STEM. Two groups of pupils from local secondary schools (Fitzalan High School and Brynteg Comprehensive School) visited Tramshed Tech for the day, visiting the offices of AMPLYFIMicrosoft and attending an interactive session with Big Learning Company. They learnt more about the many possibilities of working in tech, saw some of our exciting technologies and got to hear from our employees about their roles and background in tech. Visits such as this are often extremely beneficial to the pupils as they gain an insight into how each company operates, experience what goes on there and develop an appreciation for the different working environments that exist. The STEM classes met a range of female employees from different departments within AMPLYFI, not just from the engineering and AI side but also members of our product and business teams to show them the wide range of potential roles in modern tech. This experience of seeing representation of women in roles they may not have considered helps to demonstrate the many opportunities available to them within the tech industry.

By taking part in schemes such as this, AMPLYFI is helping to give back to the wider community, inspiring more young people to pursue careers in technology. AMPLYFI is invested in helping students at all levels, spanning all the way from primary school students through to PhD level and programmes such as sponsoring AI masters.

Photos from the ‘Girls into STEM’ visit to AMPLYFI’s office