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The Hottest UK AI Businesses to Get Funding

By February 3, 2020 April 21st, 2020 No Comments

Amplyfi is a technology company that boasts three business intelligence products which make it the ultimate market research tool.

DataVoyant gives businesses the competitive edge by using Artificial Intelligence to analyse market trends in any sector using the world’s biggest source of information — the internet. By making even the weakest of connections between data, it makes the unknown known before anyone else, which can be used for more informed decision-making.

DeepResearch goes beyond the capabilities of traditional search engines. Through AI, it dives deep into the web, evading algorithms that favour search engine optimised pages to provide unbiased data analysis. It collates results and clusters them so you can easily assess the most relevant answers to your query

Stream monitors markets to give you in-depth customer insights. The AI analytics platform collects relevant data sources about sectors and companies. This highlights important topics of conversation in the news and on social media — big data delivering the bigger picture.

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