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Meet the UK’s 30 most-promising tech start-ups vying to be the next Monzo

By January 30, 2020 June 29th, 2021 No Comments

Every founder is building the next big thing. The only problem is that between said founder and riches beyond their wildest dreams is a graveyard of deceased ideas and start-ups. Navigating that graveyard is a very tricky process. The failure rate among start-ups is 90pc. For every Monzo there is a YPlan.

But as has been proven many times before, it’s not impossible.

In the UK, being part of government-funded Tech Nation’s Upscale program is a good start. The program boasts gaming platform unicorn Improbable, energy start-up Bulb, and indeed fintech giant Monzo among its alumni.

AMPLYFI is considered one of the most likely start-ups to be the next Monzo…

Originally by Michael Cogley for The Telegraph, read the full article here.