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AI research reveals the UK’s future trading destinations post-Brexit

By November 25, 2019 June 4th, 2020 No Comments

Recent research using AMPLYFI’s Artificial Intelligence-powered tools has revealed what the UK’s trade climate may look like after it leaves the European Union, with economies such as Nigeria, Japan, South Africa, and Canada predicted to hold significant trading growth potential.

In the widespread uncertainty surrounding Brexit, there is great concern and speculation as to how the UK will trade and enact business outside of the EU. Whilst this issue is of principal concern to those seeking immediate trade opportunities such as investors, traders, and businesses, failure to prepare and execute adequately could see detrimental effects filter throughout our society. In addition, established monikers such as BRICS, CIVETS, and MINT could present complications such as higher prices when the UK is no longer a member of a mega trading block. In a post-Brexit world, access to advantage foresight will enable UK businesses to secure first mover advantage in new markets before they are discovered by their peers. Pinpointing the location and likely timing entry points of future trading potential are the unknowns that AMPLYFI’s research aimed to uncover — helping businesses predict and prepare for the future disruptions Brexit may cause.

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