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Review of the conference

By October 25, 2019 June 4th, 2020 No Comments

The NatWest Annual Technology Conference brought together some of the UK’s leading thinkers and businesses to look at how technology can address disruption and to ask questions about purpose and value.

The disruptive impact of technology is already being felt across every industry and sector. As new tools and technologies emerge, the big question centres on which businesses are adequately set up to absorb the impact and thrive, and which will succumb to the pressure of change. It also lays a challenge at the feet of business: is it right to invest in all these incredible tools if only to generate raw profit? Should there not be a higher purpose to our craving for technological progress?

These and other questions were at the forefront of the discussion at the NatWest Annual Technology Conference in London, subtitled Future Fit: Intelligence, Innovation And Inspiration For A Changing World. It brought together technologists, entrepreneurs, finance providers and business owners to debate the burning issues around the technology that is used throughout the UK economy.

Originally by Christian Doherty for NetWest, read the full article here.