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The pros and cons of using AI in HR

By October 18, 2019March 30th, 2020No Comments

After several stop-​starts, artificial intelligence, or AI, is now the single most important driver shaping the future of work, but has proved itself to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. So says Ian Jones, co-​founder and chief strategy officer at the business software developer AMPLYFI.

While it cannot transform a firm overnight, nor be “a silver bullet to business leaders’ painpoints”, it can deliver “incremental improvements to productivity or planning” provided realistic expectations are set, Mr Jones says.

AI in HR can make a positive impact across everything from recruitment and retention to fostering staff wellbeing, enriching jobs and protecting against brain drain, he believes.

As information overload intensifies, the ability of AI to process big data at a speed, scale, and accuracy that humans cannot match will reduce stress among all knowledge workers.

Originally by Virginia Matthews for CHRO, read the full article here.