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AI: Unlocking human potential in data intelligence

By January 25, 2019 March 26th, 2020 No Comments

AMPLYFI’s report on the topic of AI and the creation of human potential in data intelligence.

Political uncertainty, low productivity, a tech skills gap and slow wage growth are all factors contributing to an environment that is making it harder than ever to predict the outlying events that influence future trends.

We are at a crossroads on the application of AI. As public perception to its presence becomes ever more positive, we will see it used with more sophistication across all industries, and in every corner of the globe. The beauty of its capability within data analytics is that AI-driven business intelligence is sector agnostic – the machine will learn any subject in any realm of expertise. The potential benefits from AI are huge, and it is exciting to see that organisations of all sizes are now sitting up to take notice.

Originally by Chris Ganje for Open Access Government, read the full article here