5 ways to make better data driven decisions

By January 25, 2019 March 25th, 2020 No Comments

Political, social and technological disruptions are set to shake up the business world more than ever over the next 12 months, putting increased pressure on the decision-making capabilities of the CEO. Chris Ganje, CEO and founder of AMPLYFI, looks at how leaders can gather and use the data that is critical to charting turbulent waters ahead.

Data, in some respects, has been on the back foot in recent years. Landmark events such as the UK’s EU Referendum or the US Presidential election have caused chaos for economic projections, whilst the introduction of new technologies and platforms have transformed the way that both industries and consumers behave. For CEOs, the rapid pace of change in today’s world is making it harder than ever to make quick, informed decisions.

Business leaders may be forgiven for reverting to their gut instincts at a time when, having as much data to hand as possible, to drive strategic decision-making, has never been more important.

Originally by Chris Ganje for CEO Today, read the full article here