Future Economy: AI and the Future of Work

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AMPLYFI CSO Ian Jones speaks on a panel about AI and the future of work in Singapore.

The future of work is increasingly becoming a reality with Artificial Intelligence (AI) set to deliver step changes in productivity last witnessed with mass production in the 1920s – only this time across multiple industries and sectors. Under Industry 4.0, AI will combine with robotics, automation, the internet of things, and cloud computing to revolutionise manufacturing through “smart factories”. The nascent phenomena of Business Intelligence 4.0 will see the emergence of machine learning technologies, and predictive and proactive analytic models enable new levels of insight that will transform areas such as primary research, business intelligence, forecasting, and strategic decision making.

The key issues and questions facing those tasked with planning and delivering our future skills and capability requirements are: Quantifying what have been the historic, current, and likely future drivers of change in each industry and sector. Mapping where across the workplace will AI have the greatest impact Which sectors and industries are likely to be impacted first? What are likely barriers to adoption of AI? How will “human skills” such as analytical thinking, creativity, initiative, critical thinking etc. best be promoted? How to prevent those displaced by emerging technologies from being excluded from the world of work?

Speakers: Ian Jones, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder, AMPLYFI, Dr. Sinuhe Arroyo, CEO and Founder, TAIGER, Dr. Soon Joo Gog, Chief Futurist and Chief Research Officer SkillsFuture.

Originally by SGInnovate on YouTube, watch the full video here