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Welsh dragons in search of a unicorn

By August 12, 2018 March 27th, 2020 No Comments

Chris Ganje was determined to put down roots that would help his artificial intelligence start-up, AMPLYFI, grow into a world-beater. Cardiff seemed an unlikely choice. How many billion-dollar tech start-ups have come out of the Welsh capital?

The answer so far is none — although AMPLYFI, which uses software to trawl publicly available online sources and the deep web for information to help big companies’ decision-making, is one of a number of rapidly-growing businesses that could become the country’s first unicorn. If it makes the grade, it would represent a bumper return for the Welsh government, one of AMPLYFI’s first backers through the state-backed Development Bank of Wales (DBW).

Originally by Peter Evans for The Sunday Times, read the full article here