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TechNation 2018 report

By May 23, 2018 March 27th, 2020 No Comments

AMPLYFI CEO voted Cardiff’s most influential figure in TechNation’s 2018 report:

Who Cardiff Startups say is influential: Chris Ganje- CEO, AMPLYFI

The internet is vastly underutilised. AMPLYFI is fundamentally changing organisations’ relationships with the internet; rapidly becoming their business intelligence and research portal. For any search topic, our pioneering artificial intelligence-based technology reads, and analyses millions of open-source items that it finds and harvests from the entire internet.

Unique to Cardiff?
Three key drivers led AMPLYFI to headquarter in Cardiff: access to a strong pipeline of talent from its world-class universities, extensive Welsh Government and Development Bank of Wales funding and support mechanisms, and local start-up support from programmes such as the NatWest Accelerator and Barclays Eagle Lab.


Originally by TechNation, read the full article here