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AMPLYFI: The First Unicorn in the Land of Dragons

By April 16, 2018 June 29th, 2021 No Comments

AMPLYFI featured in Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine (Spring 2018): in ‘The First Unicorn in the Land of Dragons?’.

Against the setting sun of heavy industry, a surge in tech start-ups in recent years is sparking a digital dawn for the South Wales economy. Now, Welsh government agency, Innovation Point, estimates the region’s data economy jobs to be hitting the 40,000 mark, and this is thanks to tech firms such as AMPLYFI, which made Cardiff its home in 2015. In a land scarred by the excavation of coal and iron ore, today’s mineral of choice is information. As you read, it’s being mined by the terabyte from the internet’s deepest data seams through AMPLYFI’s trademark platform, DataVoyant.

By exploring fathoms of the web undisturbed by the standard indexing of household search engines, the software is helping companies to unearth potential future fallout from global issues and current affairs that could present challenges to business.

Originally by Stephen White for Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine, read the full article here