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New Machine Learning capabilities enhance global security

By October 6, 2017 March 30th, 2020 No Comments

AMPLYFI helps Harvard report assess North Korea’s research capability.

Artificial Intelligence firm AMPLYFI contributed its proprietary surface and deep web harvesting and analytics technology to assess North Korea’s broad biological research capacities as part of a new Harvard study assessing bioweapons’ capabilities in North Korea.

As part of the research for the white paper, AMPLYFI’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform, DataVoyant, mined 840,000 websites that contained broad biological references. Of these, 23,000 were revealed to have associations with North Korea; 170 of which pointed to particular organisations and institutions. Whilst traditional research methodologies focused on how to glean intelligence on related activities within North Korea, DataVoyant revealed indirect external channels through which North Korea might acquire knowledge.

Originally by Chris Ganje on LinkedIn, read the full article here