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Cardiff’s first technology unicorn is just a matter of time

By June 1, 2017 March 30th, 2020 No Comments

AMPLYFI featured in the article ‘Cardiff’s first technology unicorn is just a matter of time’.

The number of technology companies setting up shop in Wales is rising at an incredible rate. Start-ups in Cardiff and Swansea in particular are popping up every week, as Wales’ big cities redefine the way they make money. And according to industry experts it is only a matter of time until Cardiff develops its first unicorn (a start-up valued at $1 billion).

In order to achieve greater success, Cardiff needs to make it more attractive than other technology centres around the world. One company that already believes it has done that, is Amplyfi, who turned down the opportunity to start up in London, San Francisco, Boston and Beijing in order to settle down in Cardiff. Chris Ganje, Amplyfi’s American chief executive, said: “Cardiff beat rival locations because of its low costs, a ready supply of graduates from local universities as well as funding and incentives from the Welsh government. Relatively easy access to London, and to international airports, was another factor.”

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