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35 Welsh start-ups to watch: The companies pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation

By March 29, 2017 March 30th, 2020 No Comments

AMPLYFI included in WalesOnline’s list of 35 companies which are pushing the boundaries or creativity and innovation.

Wales has more than its fair share of budding entrepreneurs and thrusting start-up companies. It’s testimony to the aspiration of young and old alike to be their own bosses, and the extraordinary capacity for innovation that can be seen in towns, cities and countryside across our land. In celebration of this phenomenon, WalesOnline has brought together a list of 35 such businesses that they think are going places and are companies to watch.


This Cardiff-based start-up was created to deliver business insights into possible technology or market disruptions by commercialising military grade artificial intelligence techniques initially developed for cyber surveillance.

A pilot programme, which included some of the world’s largest companies, was highly successful and demonstrated DataVoyant’s commercial viability across aerospace and defence, banking, energy, insurance, private equity, pharma and professional services sectors. Following that success Amplyfi now has a strong pipeline of customers and is refining DataVoyant with feedback that has been provided by early adaptors.

Originally by Chris Kelsey for WalesOnline, read the full article here