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Imagine no perimeters

AMPLYFI has instigated a paradigm shift in organisations’ abilities to unlock the internet – going far beneath its surface to harness its vast, untapped information resources. Deep, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning techniques intelligently identify, scrutinise and project unbiased insights with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Beneath the surface

The internet is a vast, untapped ocean of intelligence and answers; most of which lie beyond the reach of traditional search engines. Ordinary searches only skim the surface, missing the true value buried deep below

By seamlessly integrating surface and deep web harvesting, artificial intelligence, Big Data simplification, and intuitive visualisations, AMPLYFI has revolutionised business intelligence and research for every industry and sector.

Outside the box

Pinpoint what’s happening, who’s doing it, where in the world is it happening, how fast is it accelerating (or decelerating), and, directionally, where is it heading. Then repeat and update your intelligence every single month.

transform your business intelligence through unbiased machine-driven analysis

DataVoyant™, AMPLYFI's flagship product, is the world’s first business intelligence tool to seamlessly combine surface and deep web harvesting, artificial intelligence, and intuitive data visualisations within a single, integrated platform. Users self-drive DataVoyant™ to enable smarter, faster decisions.

Technology Horizon Scanning
Competitor Intelligence
In-Country Risk Assessments
Continuous Monitoring for Disruptions
M&A Due Dilligence
Venturing Scouting
New Entrant Identification
Strengthened Credit Assessment