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Market Intelligence that Drives Growth

Save thousands of hours of reading time with a tool that helps your teams react to changes in the market earlier.

Stay on top of the changes that matter to you.

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Monitor Whole Markets

Start with 14bn documents out of the box and add the sources that matter to you.

Find Relevant Signals Earlier

Monitor the Customers, Competitors, Technologies, Topics that define your market.

Read Less, Know More

Receive smart summarised insights that save your teams hours of reading time.

Used by World-Leading Teams

Supporting Decisions Across Your Organisation

Not all teams are the same, but all teams require market intelligence to make good decisions. Our platform is designed from the ground up to be flexible to the needs of your teams, whether they are monitoring key accounts, competitors, technologies or supply chains.

Sales & Account Teams

Build relationships that convert with insights that matter to your customers and prospects.

Market Intelligence Teams

Consume all the content that matters in a single tool covering Competitors, Technologies, and Regulations.

Risk, Investment & Partnership Teams

Uncover the news other organisations would prefer to keep out of your hands, whether first contact or after decades of partnership.

Next generation market intelligence.

  • Save 20-50% of desk-based research time
  • Enhance your analysis with Machine Learning
  • Power better informed decision-making

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